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Semi Ballastable Barge Transporter (SBBT)

The innovative LNG marine technology project consists on the conceptual design, basic engineering and technical assistance in the construction of an liquefied natural gas (LNG)...[+]

Floating Storage Regasification Unit (90.000 m3)

Non-propelled floating unit with different LNG storage capacities. The floating unit also contains a regasification plant in the topside. DESIGNER SENER TYPE FSRU 90.000 m3    MAIN PARTICULARS: Length Overall: 179,2 m Beam Overall: 42...[+]

Tuna vessel

Design of an innovative tuna vessel. The work carried out by SENER was: Conceptual design of the new tuna vessel consisting of: Analysis of the propulsive system Modification of...[+]

Sailing Training Ship. BAP UNION

Scope of work carried out by SENER: Analysis of the ship project, focused in the following areas Intact stability and sailing stability, to solve problems in the design of...[+]

Icebreaker Almirante Irizar

Engineering work and provide technical assistance in repairing and modernising the icebreaker Almirante Irizar (RHAI) following the fire it suffered in April 2007, for the...[+]

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