Marine Engineering

One of SENER Marine’s main objectives is to make it possible to meet the new challenges faced by the industry, brought about by the construction of ever more specialist ships and ever tighter budgets and design and production schedules.

SENER develops a wide range of high quality customized solutions for the shipbuilding industry, including ship design, engineering and consultancy for different types of vessels and offshore structures and a broad spectrum of shipyards, design offices and ship owners.

From the very early stages of the project, when most of the ship’s costs are committed, and throughout the detail design, production and operation of the ship, SENER brings major benefits to its clients by cutting costs and delivery times during the ship’s design and production processes.

With more than 60 years’ experience, SENER aspires to continue working to develop the shipbuilding industry to an exacting standard, with flexibility and the very highest level of commitment.  

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